4 Types of Painting That Most Artists Prefer

People are mostly familiar with certain types of painting, but there’s a lot more out there. With changing technology and a change in the preferences of artists, the mediums have also evolved. For instance, there are some types of painting like tempera and fresco. Although they’re not practiced quite frequently, some artists do prefer them.

There has been a renewed interest in sign painting and hand lettering. An artist chooses a particular type of painting based on a sound knowledge of paint characteristics and aesthetics. Some types of painting require advanced technical skills while others are easy for artists of all levels. Here, we’ll take a look at four types of painting that are preferred by most artists:

1. Watercolor painting

Watercolor paintings are created using watercolor paints that are soluble even in their dry state. Such paintings are typically done on paper. Watercolors are made using pigments that are suspended in a water-based solution. The biggest benefit of watercolor paintings for artists is that rectifications can be done even when the painting is dry.

However, the finished works of art that use this medium need some careful protection. The watercolor artists use many different techniques to create varying styles of art. They include washed-out landscapes and realistic portraits.

2. Oil painting

Many artists use oil paints because of their thick consistency, which produces some fantastic textured effects. Artists have been using this medium for centuries to create their masterpieces. As it has a long drying time, the artists can take their time to produce some excellent oil paintings.

It can be quite messy to create oil paintings despite the benefits. Oil paints may contain certain toxic elements and requires handling with much care. Oil paintings are among the most popular types of paintings and the artists love them for their rich colors.

3. Acrylic painting

Acrylic paints are water-soluble and dry immediately. They’re both cost-effective and non-toxic. These are some of the qualities that make acrylic paintings a favorite of many artists. They also get to choose between a wide range of acrylic paints with regards to drying time and texture. Acrylic paintings are not prone to yellowing or cracking of paints, making them a better option compared to oil paintings.

With diverse acrylic paint techniques, the artists can also have good flexibility in the final appearance of their paintings. When acrylic dries on the canvas completely, it is water resistant. However, when it is damp, the acrylic paint is water-soluble. This makes it easy for the artist to clean it up.

4. Pastel painting

The most popular types of pastels are chalk-based soft pastels and oil-based waxy pastels. Pastel paintings have been popular since the 16th century. As the pastel paintings are fragile, their framing is usually under glass. The artists need not worry about any drying time in case of pastel paintings.

This is why many often call them ‘dry paintings’. Water-soluble pastels are also available for artists seeking a watercolor-type effect. Pastels are mostly available in a stick form and are popular with many artists across the world.

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