4 Art Studios with an Amazing Architecture

If you’re lucky to get the chance to visit an art studio, you’ll truly have some unforgettable experiences. Art studios are places where you’ll get to witness the artists’ journeys and their fascinating artworks. They’re windows into the artists’ souls, where you’ll see traces of their struggles and pursuits. Art studios are often deeply personal spaces, full of the emotions of artists.

You’ll find these emotions etched on the walls, floors, doors, and windows as you explore them. You’ll be reminded of the many years of the artist’s toil while walking around in an art studio. Some of the art studios are architectural marvels as well. They have such beautiful architecture that you’d never want to go anywhere once you get inside them. Here, we’ve listed a few art studios that never fail to amaze art lovers:

1. Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

This art studio explores the creative connections between various ideas and art forms. It was intended to provide inclusive art experiences in the city of Oklahoma that could also be easily accessible. The Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center also crafts partnerships with several organizations and artists.

It does this to foster collaboration and exchange in an easy and hassle-free manner. This is a multi-disciplinary center that brings together some of the city’s largest employers and industries. Created by Rand Elliott Architects, it has also become a key landmark in Oklahoma city over the years.

2. Midden Studio

Located in Kintyre, Scotland, this art studio was created by Studio Weave. When you visit this studio, you’ll find that it is full of light despite its zinc exterior. Studio Weave, the London-based architecture practice described it as the lovechild of rock and manor. The architecture of Midden Studio draws its inspiration from the vernacular architectural buildings.

The art studio’s soffit lighting allows the artist to look through the floor at the flowing water. It has also drawn inspiration from the rocky granite landscape of its surroundings and Scottish Baronial style of architecture.

3. 77 Washington

Architecture practice Worrell Yeung ensured that much of the original history of 77 Washington was retained successfully. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this art studio was a former masonry factory in the 1920s. Worrell Yeung took on an ambitious project of creating several studios out of this six-story building.

The buildings adjacent to it were also a part of the project. To house artists and photography studios, Worrell Yeung restored the storefront openings by removing certain masonry walls. They filled the interiors of the studio with natural light. This created a strong presence visually at the street level.

4. Open Hearts Lisbon Cultural Space for the Arts

Open Hearts Lisbon Cultural Space for the Arts is an art studio that facilitates holistic learning and co-creation. It intends to promote innovation and healing practices through the arts. It is located in a narrow alley of Bairro Alto, a historic neighborhood. The studio is on the ground floor of a building that dates back to the 19th century.

This place was originally quite uninspiring, dark, and oppressive. AB + AC Architects incorporated intelligent lighting solutions into the art studio using natural materials. This resulted in the creation of this innovative studio with a warming color palette and a sense of calm.

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